Providing access to your buildings and the rooms within your buildings is easy and convenient with our access control system solutions. Control who can go into what buildings and what rooms and when they can go into them. When employees leave the company permanently, you can quickly remove access privileges from the card or fob they were given.

With scheduled access, you can determine the hours or days when a person can enter your business or the doors they can unlock depending on prior doors they have entered. You can also create automatic events so if there has been a breach, all doors immediately lock or if a fire has occurred, all doors automatically unlock.

Access control systems can be managed and controlled internally by designated employees.

Our Access Control systems are robust, full featured software packages that have been designed to take advantage of technology to provide Access control solutions for today’s major markets. This includes government, health care, education, airports, offices and more. The scalable nature and flexibility of our product lines provide an easy to use and easy to implement solution for any size facility. Our Access Control systems include the components necessary to make installation and system upgrades as simple as possible. Card user management, physical door control, wireless electronic locks, monitoring and surveillance can all be performed locally or from a remote workstation via the internet. These feature allow building manager the freedom and flexibility to monitor their buildings from anywhere in the world. 

24/7 Central Station Monitoring

  1. Ensuring the highest level of monitoring
    • Every hour of every day, operators in each of our central stations are braced to ensure you get the quickest, most appropriate resolution to any emergency. When your security or fire protection system I linked to our monitoring service, we guarantee that a break- in, fire, or any other emergency is handled immediately and tailored to the exact situation with information on file about your property.
  2. Provides services to monitor fire alarms for commercial and residential alarm systems. Central stations use special telephone lines, computers, software, and trained staff to monitor our customers’ security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received.
    • Dedicated Fire Alarm Monitoring
    • Supervisory Alarm Monitoring
    • Dedicated Burglar Alarm Monitoring
    • Panic and Duress monitoring
    • 24, 48, 72 Hour Test Signals
    • Cellular Monitoring
    • Elderly Care Monitoring services
    • Industrial Process Monitoring
  3. Reliant Fire and Security is able to monitor alarms for burglar, duress, medical, environmental, mechanical failure, supervisor openings and closings and provide monitoring for a variety of testing options.
  4. Reliant Fire and Security also provides multiple types of video monitoring, wireless communication monitoring ( application, AlarmNet Radio, Telgard and more) and Internet monitoring.
    • Each of our central monitoring stations is UL/FM- approved and includes a complete back- up system to ensure you receive the highest level of security to shield your property and the lives within from disaster.

Do you need Card Access? 
Card Access systems are a convenient, versatile, secure and reliable solution to access management and people management whether it is a parking garage, lot, office building, gated community, government facility or any other application that requires monitored and controlled entry. 

  • Eliminates the need for re-keying
  • You can add additional card access readers and card access control panels in phases to meet any budget

Do you need wireless electronic locks?
Wireless electronic locks and electronic hotel locks are state of the art electronic locks that include magnetic stripes, smart and memory cards. Every lock can be set up to work with either a stand- alone, windows based or wireless online system.

  • Real time functionality of events and alarms
  • Central access control management
  • Emergency lockdown or passage of locks
  • Compatible with existing Wi-Fi network using adapter

Reliant Fire and Security is a phenomenal company providing excellent customer service with knowledgeable and reliable professionals. Chris has always made himself available to answer any and all questions about my service and equipment for both my home and office setup. 5 stars to a company I can actually trust and feel safe with!
Jonathan H.