We provide the #1 rated professional monitoring service in the United States. COPS monitoring has been providing high- quality monitoring and dealer services since 1978. Their ongoing commitment to continually reinvest in their employees, monitoring stations, technical infrastructure and our dealer base has made COPS the #1 professional monitoring company in the industry. Their award- winning network of 6 monitoring stations with locations in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and Maryland set new standards for professional monitoring redundancy, disaster preparedness/ recovery, and failover. Each of their 6 locations are UL listed, hot- redundant (staffed 24/7), and load-sharing (alarms are handled by the first available dispatcher from all of our monitoring stations), and work together to provide a level of redundancy that is unmatched in the industry.

They are the only professional monitoring company with its own proprietary monitoring platform (generations), which is used to provide a uniform monitoring solution across all 6 locations. All other monitoring companies use the same “off the shelf” monitoring platforms as their competitors. This makes COPS self- sufficient, extremely agile, and able to focus our efforts on outpacing our competitors and quickly changing technology.

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Monitored Accounts
4 1
Years of Experience
1 7
Avg Seconds Priority Alarm Response
Networked Monitoring Stations
Industry Rank
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