Can I control my security system remotely?
Yes, through an application on your smart phone or computer, you can arm/ disarm your system. You can also create notifications like when your employees forget to arm the system at the end of the day.
Will my security cameras be able to see at night?
If your cameras come equipped with IR LEDs, then they will be able to see at night. Please call our office to learn more.
Can I monitor my cameras from my phone?
Yes, you can monitor your camera from a computer, tablet or smartphone if your cameras are on an on-site network.
Does my security system need to be regularly inspected?
There is no regulations or codes requiring commercial security systems inspections, however, some insurance companies may require it. It’s also recommended to ensure every component is working properly.
Can access cards be deleted if someone is let go?
Yes, you can easily add and delete users through the access control system software. You can also issue temporary guest access cards which can expire at a certain time.
Can I make doors lock and unlock on a schedule?
Yes, with an access control system, you can schedule doors to unlock and lock according to work hours or any special events that may be going on after hours.